Monday, January 10, 2011

Picking up where I left off

So today is the continuance of my new me! I have tryed to do this on my own doing it my way and I have learned that I need to have some support! I have thought that if I reduced how much I ate and only ate 2 times a day then I would lose something! OK lets face it! You gota eat to lose weight! The more you eat the more you lose! Now I don't mean eating alot of food at one time; I mean eating lots of small meals like eating 6 times aday!

So this morning I got the kids off tooo school and only ate 3 scoops of raw quick oats! Ok I have to tell you that I am addicted to raw quick cook oats! I can eat a smell container in one dayh! Now thats way too much in a day so now that I have decide to start loving me I have to reduce the amout I consume! Now my days will be measured out small meals! Sounds mundane but if you only knew how much I weigh then you would understand how I have to change everything about how im living my life!

It starts by changing the way you think about your self and how you fell about yourself! I have two kids and I have to be here healthy and alive to raise them and be able to enjoy doing things with them! I'm scared that one day if I don't change my self then something may happen to me and they would have to go live with there dad! Scarry!!

So let me say what I have had for breakfast
1/2 c shreddedn hashbrowns
2 eggs
1 toast with ICBINB spray and honey
1 cup orange juice
point value 7pts

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