Monday, July 19, 2010

So much going on this week

Ok lets start by saying that if you live in the central valley of Californai it is too dang HOT!@!! Ok like it been hot in the 101+ degrees. So hot that my house A/C can't keep my apt cool! I got like this 30yr old unit on the roof and since my place is in forclosure I aint going to get a new one! THat Sucks!!

So this week my son's will be 11yrs old and he want a smell party at Blackbeards. So it just going to bee for an hour but of couse there are games so it my be longer. Gots to order a cake and buy presents. I got everyone who is going to be there confirmed so now it can set it up.

I really need to be making soap in the moring while it is still cool in the house but why I have been so lazy I don't know! I just want to set in front of the computer and surf the web!! That is a NO NO NO!! I got to get to making and taking picture and treating it like a real business. My business! I'm feeling overwelmed because I feel I can't focus on just one area of what I want to do! I want it all at one time and I know that I need to focus on one area and perfect that then incorporate little by little! So after I go swimming I wouild like to make soap tonight but I think I might be too tired from all that fun! We will see!!

O ya no walking for me!! I will play in the water and have fun!

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