Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2nd day

Ok lets just say I buck wild last nite with some grahm crackers and coffee! I ate a whole pack! So now its the next day and I have to say it always starts off good then after breakfast it seems togo down hill! Okey not as bad because I had to walk for an hour around the shop! It was so slow today hardly any business so anyways I got home and ate a banana and peach cup and apple cider. No oatmeal yet! So now that the kids are home I had a nice slice of lazanga and corn and 1 toast! 2 cups of oatmeal! o well not as much as the week before!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Picking up where I left off

So today is the continuance of my new me! I have tryed to do this on my own doing it my way and I have learned that I need to have some support! I have thought that if I reduced how much I ate and only ate 2 times a day then I would lose something! OK lets face it! You gota eat to lose weight! The more you eat the more you lose! Now I don't mean eating alot of food at one time; I mean eating lots of small meals like eating 6 times aday!

So this morning I got the kids off tooo school and only ate 3 scoops of raw quick oats! Ok I have to tell you that I am addicted to raw quick cook oats! I can eat a smell container in one dayh! Now thats way too much in a day so now that I have decide to start loving me I have to reduce the amout I consume! Now my days will be measured out small meals! Sounds mundane but if you only knew how much I weigh then you would understand how I have to change everything about how im living my life!

It starts by changing the way you think about your self and how you fell about yourself! I have two kids and I have to be here healthy and alive to raise them and be able to enjoy doing things with them! I'm scared that one day if I don't change my self then something may happen to me and they would have to go live with there dad! Scarry!!

So let me say what I have had for breakfast
1/2 c shreddedn hashbrowns
2 eggs
1 toast with ICBINB spray and honey
1 cup orange juice
point value 7pts

Monday, July 19, 2010

So much going on this week

Ok lets start by saying that if you live in the central valley of Californai it is too dang HOT!@!! Ok like it been hot in the 101+ degrees. So hot that my house A/C can't keep my apt cool! I got like this 30yr old unit on the roof and since my place is in forclosure I aint going to get a new one! THat Sucks!!

So this week my son's will be 11yrs old and he want a smell party at Blackbeards. So it just going to bee for an hour but of couse there are games so it my be longer. Gots to order a cake and buy presents. I got everyone who is going to be there confirmed so now it can set it up.

I really need to be making soap in the moring while it is still cool in the house but why I have been so lazy I don't know! I just want to set in front of the computer and surf the web!! That is a NO NO NO!! I got to get to making and taking picture and treating it like a real business. My business! I'm feeling overwelmed because I feel I can't focus on just one area of what I want to do! I want it all at one time and I know that I need to focus on one area and perfect that then incorporate little by little! So after I go swimming I wouild like to make soap tonight but I think I might be too tired from all that fun! We will see!!

O ya no walking for me!! I will play in the water and have fun!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ok I did not post yesterday so let me tell you what I did. I got up and went for a 10 minute walk with my daughter. Let me tell you that she likes to talk and walk something that I can't do at this time. I felt my self choking for air just to answer her questions. So needless to say we got thur it but man my back was hurting so bad! This really confirms that I need to get the weight off.
Well for breakfast I had coffee with hazelnut creamer and sweetnlow and to biscotti. I had tuna on thin sliced buns from orowheat. Man they taste so good and a salad with spray asian dressing and soda. gota get away from that!

So for dinner and snack I had pizza 4 slices. I know that that was a hole lot but now its out of my house. Now I am not craving pizza but I wanted something sweet so I had kitcat and water.

Ok today for breakfast had egg/sausage sandwich on mulitgrain thin bun and coffee. For lunch I had tuna sanwich and 2 peanutbutter cookies. I have drank about 3 soda today. Ya I said I will cut back soon! Now for dinner I was at my parents and I was craving a loco salad for polo loco. I got 2 of them and I taco al carbon. So gud. All so I had 2 few pieces of beef and broccoli and white chedar shell pasta and water. Till I got home I had 1 soda and seeds. Now Im drinking water.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1st day of journey (new lifestyle)

OMG I wokeup this morning with the biggest backache! I fell asleep on my back lastnite and now I have a sore back. Man I know that I need to get the weight off but I like to eat and drink soda! So my family ( the girls) have decided to start today to change the way we eat and get more motivated to move more.

So this moring I got up with my hurting back and all and went for a 10 minute walk! Ok that may not sound like a lot but for me it was. I have been sitting in front of my computer for hours on end and I have seen what it has done for me. I am ashamed of the way I let my self go! I knew that I was getting bigger but I was in deniel and of course took my son to take a picture of me sitting at my Aunts house to see how big I was and now I am determied to get this weight off and to change the way I have been eating and make so new goals.

So today I glad I walked for 10 minutes. I ate a bowl of instant apple cinnamon oatmeal 2 pieces of toast and coffee with good ol hazelnet creamer!

I organized my diningroom and put away my oils and all my soap making stuff. So that I would have my kitchen table back. I felt so good when it was done! Im tired of having a messy house. I got to get in the grove of all this new stuff that I am putting my self through.

After cleaning I made some trial bubble bars. I add extra oils to see if that would make them easier to crumble but still it is a littel chalky and hard but I could still break them. Not like the other one I made yesterday.

So I get a call from my sister asking if Im going to moms. Im like NO did not plan on it. Then she remined me that Rodd was over so of couse im going.
I went and saw him so that was great to see him and get to talk to him and I got to see the new addition to our family. Her name was Phantom. She's a short hair Jack Russle. She is so cute.

So for dinner I has 2 1/2 pieces of hawaiin pizza and loco salad and a glass of rootbeer. O it was so gud and now I feel better cause I was craving it so much.

Now Im drinking water and it taste good.