Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1st day of journey (new lifestyle)

OMG I wokeup this morning with the biggest backache! I fell asleep on my back lastnite and now I have a sore back. Man I know that I need to get the weight off but I like to eat and drink soda! So my family ( the girls) have decided to start today to change the way we eat and get more motivated to move more.

So this moring I got up with my hurting back and all and went for a 10 minute walk! Ok that may not sound like a lot but for me it was. I have been sitting in front of my computer for hours on end and I have seen what it has done for me. I am ashamed of the way I let my self go! I knew that I was getting bigger but I was in deniel and of course took my son to take a picture of me sitting at my Aunts house to see how big I was and now I am determied to get this weight off and to change the way I have been eating and make so new goals.

So today I glad I walked for 10 minutes. I ate a bowl of instant apple cinnamon oatmeal 2 pieces of toast and coffee with good ol hazelnet creamer!

I organized my diningroom and put away my oils and all my soap making stuff. So that I would have my kitchen table back. I felt so good when it was done! Im tired of having a messy house. I got to get in the grove of all this new stuff that I am putting my self through.

After cleaning I made some trial bubble bars. I add extra oils to see if that would make them easier to crumble but still it is a littel chalky and hard but I could still break them. Not like the other one I made yesterday.

So I get a call from my sister asking if Im going to moms. Im like NO did not plan on it. Then she remined me that Rodd was over so of couse im going.
I went and saw him so that was great to see him and get to talk to him and I got to see the new addition to our family. Her name was Phantom. She's a short hair Jack Russle. She is so cute.

So for dinner I has 2 1/2 pieces of hawaiin pizza and loco salad and a glass of rootbeer. O it was so gud and now I feel better cause I was craving it so much.

Now Im drinking water and it taste good.

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