Friday, July 9, 2010

Ok I did not post yesterday so let me tell you what I did. I got up and went for a 10 minute walk with my daughter. Let me tell you that she likes to talk and walk something that I can't do at this time. I felt my self choking for air just to answer her questions. So needless to say we got thur it but man my back was hurting so bad! This really confirms that I need to get the weight off.
Well for breakfast I had coffee with hazelnut creamer and sweetnlow and to biscotti. I had tuna on thin sliced buns from orowheat. Man they taste so good and a salad with spray asian dressing and soda. gota get away from that!

So for dinner and snack I had pizza 4 slices. I know that that was a hole lot but now its out of my house. Now I am not craving pizza but I wanted something sweet so I had kitcat and water.

Ok today for breakfast had egg/sausage sandwich on mulitgrain thin bun and coffee. For lunch I had tuna sanwich and 2 peanutbutter cookies. I have drank about 3 soda today. Ya I said I will cut back soon! Now for dinner I was at my parents and I was craving a loco salad for polo loco. I got 2 of them and I taco al carbon. So gud. All so I had 2 few pieces of beef and broccoli and white chedar shell pasta and water. Till I got home I had 1 soda and seeds. Now Im drinking water.

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